Z-Country Paradise

Z-COUNTRY PARADISE “two” live at MOERS festival

Z-COUNTRY PARADISE “Season in hell+Clouds gathering”

Z-COUNTRY PARADISE – “success” (live in MOERS)

Z-Country Paradise live im Golem, Hamburg

Z-Country Paradise

Z-Country Paradise

Jelena Kuljic (SRB) voice
Frank Gratkowski (D) alto sax, bass clarinet
Kalle Kalima (FIN) guitar
Oliver Potratz (D) electric bass
Christian Marien (D) drums

Frank schreibt:
For many years I had the idea or desire to start a more rock orientated band, and after trying out many different combinations I finally found the “dream team” for what I had in mind. Z-Country Paradise is a joyful, crazy, spontaneous, groovy, rocking band with uses poetry from Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Simic and Gabriele Günther to send you on an unpredictable, deep and soulful journey.