alexander beierbach – tenor saxophone
torsten papenheim – guitar
berit jung – double bass
christian marien – drums

in 2009 torsten papenheim released “some of the things we could be“. on this highly praised album twelve original compositions are performed by thirteen musicians – a colourful pool of impressions, shapes, styles and techniques.

tru cargo service evolved from the idea of performing selected pieces from “some of the things we could be“ live on stage. since its start in 2015 papenheim’s new quartet figured out own new arrangements of those songs as well as new compositions written for this very special ensemble.

oscillating between composition and (collective) improvisation tru cargo service creates a raw sound dealing with density and space.

Jürgen Kupke         –    Klarinette
Florian Bergmann   –    Bassklarinette
Christian Marien     –    Drums
Jörg Schippa               –     akustische Gitarre

Die Band existiert in dieser Besetzung seit 2008 und hat zahlreiche Konzerte innerhalb und außerhalb Berlins gespielt. 2010 ist die erste CD bei Konnex-Records erschienen.Im Januar 2014 ist die zweite CD mit dem Titel „Zirkus Bizarr“ beim Schweizer Label Unit-Records erscheinen.

Grooves, ungewöhnliche Melodien, Kompositionen, die eine deutlich europäische Handschrift tragen, bilden den Rahmen für ungezügelte, virtuose und äußerst kommunikative Improvisationen 
Ein ungewöhnliches, einprägsames Klangbild


Jelena Kuljic (SRB) voice
Frank Gratkowski (D) alto sax, bass clarinet
Kalle Kalima (FIN) guitar
Oliver Potratz (D) electric bass
Christian Marien (D) drums

Frank Gratkowski:
„For many years I had the idea or desire to start a more rock orientated band, and after trying out many different combinations I finally found the “dream team” for what I had in mind. Z-Country Paradise is a joyful, crazy, spontaneous, groovy, rocking band with uses poetry from Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Simic and Gabriele Günther to send you on an unpredictable, deep and soulful journey.“

Benjamin Weidekamp Quartett

Uli Kempendorff (U.K. Quartet), Ronny Graupe (Hyperactive Kid, U.K. Quartet) and Christian Marien (Olaf Ton, RitscheZast&Marien, Miss Platnum) make up the rest of the band.
The music is made up of groove, humor, unconditional joy of playing, fun in improvisation and a whole lot of written music!

The rhythm of the compositions is based on the names of the band members, respectively their translation into the morse alphabet. The harmonies are mostly derived from FFT analyses of drum preparations. Other microtonal approaches also play a role, such as the split-chord-technique in which 12-tone rows or intervals (which in turn are again are derived from the musicans´ names) are split in half with the help of quartertones.

In the end, this could result in a song where the drummer’s cracked thai-gong is subjected to spectral analysis which is then inverted and slowed down by a factor of thirty, allowing the musicians to send their name in morse code 16 times.