I Am Three & Me

Maggie Nicols – voice

Silke Eberhard – altosax

Nikolaus Neuser – trumpet

Christian Marien – drums

In the wake of hugely successful CD „I AM THREE,“ The Music of Charles Mingus, the trio invited Maggie Nicols to further explore his music. Mingus, the poet. From loving quotes to ironic breaking, from homage to deconstruction, from historic reminiscence to an expression of the current state. With this recording the collective „I am Three & Me“ simultaneously moves closer and away from Mingus, resulting in a present-day reflection. „Music is life, magic, spirit, healing, liberation, communication, an international language beyond words“ (Maggie Nicols).


  „Mingus‘ Sounds of Love“, LEO Records 2019

photo: Oli Potratz