C’mon C’mon

Jasper Stadhouders – guitar

Christian Marien – drums

Christian and Jasper met a few years ago in Berlin, started playing improvised duo sessions and felt immediate musical kinship. This kinship was reinforced by Christian starting his quartet (with Tobias Delius, Antonio Borghini and Jasper). Playing Christian’s compositions, it became clear to Jasper that they both had very similar, overlapping ideas and interests in a certain rhythmic language. They both sparked each other’s enthusiasm to start a duo in which they explore and develop this realm. They co-compose long form poly-rhythmic pieces full of multi-tempo shifts and modulations. For Jasper, it was also the perfect situation to explore alternate tunings on the guitar, tuning his strings based on the sounding pitch of Christian’s drums (which is hidden in a cloud of complex overtones) in order to reinforce and emphasize the common resonance between the two instruments. The resulting music is hypnotically propulsive, yet full of unexpected shifts and twists and highly elastic.